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People are the key

Ratos employees

What is crucial for Ratos's value development over time are our transactions and how well we succeed in implementing ambitious plans in our companies. An important part of this is Ratos's organisation, as well as the Boards of Directors, management groups and employees of the companies. It requires experience, expertise and commitment to develop a company, which is why HR and talent development are priorities for us as owners.

In Ratos's investment organisation, approximately 25 individuals are currently employed who are responsible for the development of the companies and finding new investment opportunities. Ratos also works actively with industrial advisors with extensive experience from the Nordic business community who act as advisors in investment processes and company development. Ratos AB has a total of about 50 employees and slightly more than 15 Industrial Advisors who support the operation. In the group Ratos has about 20 000 employees.