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ArcusGruppen - continued strong potential for growth

ArcusGruppen is a leading supplier of wine and spirits in the Nordic region through its own brands and leading agencies.

Since Ratos acquired the company in 2005, a few strategic  initiatives have included the divestment of non-core operations, focusing on growth through Nordic expansion and higher production efficiency. A major investment in a new production facility in the Norwegian town of Gjelleråsen has been completed, a smaller production facility has been wound up and several new brands have been purchased. Sales, which amounted to approximately NOK 860m in 2005, have now climbed to NOK 2.5bn. Margins have also improved considerably.

“ArcusGruppen was a rough diamond when we stepped in 2005. It has been an extremely interesting growth journey, filled with every value-creating dimension. With its strong management group and leading market position, the company is well-equipped for the future. The goal is for ArcusGruppen to continue to grow with better profitability, a foundation that has been laid for continued strong performance,” says Mikael Norlander, responsible for Ratos’s investment in ArcusGruppen.

“Our entire organisation is set on profitable growth. We are already the biggest in a few markets and product categories. We use our experience to maintain our edge and boost sales there. In other categories and markets, we have significant potential to grow. We have tackled the challenge of becoming the biggest in the Nordic countries, and I am optimistic in regard to 2016,” says Kenneth Hamnes, CEO since August of 2015.

Facts about the investment

Investment year: 2005
Sales (NOKm): 863
Adjusted EBITA (NOKm): -9 

Sales 2015 (NOKm): 2 471
Adjusted EBITA (NOKm): 228