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Speed Group


Speed Group is a Swedish supplier of services that range from staffing and recruitment to full-scale warehouse management, as well as production and education.

The Group has two primary business areas; staffing, and logistics and production services. Staffing service offers both blue and white collar personnel, as well as external recruitment of skilled professionals. Logistics and production services include full-scale warehouse management and production services. The company also offers external training courses in these areas.

Speed Group is located in south-west Sweden and its head office is in Borås.


Demand for efficient logistics and production services is steadily increasing in pace with the growth in e-commerce, escalating outsourcing, the centralisation of warehouses in strategic locations and the rising complexity of logistics systems. Customers also have an increasing need for flexible solutions for specialised and skilled personnel, which has been apparent in the flourishing staffing market in recent years. A flexible solution for logistics, production and staffing provides customers with the opportunity to focus on their core operations. Among the most prominent players in staffing and logistics services are the company’s competitors, including Logent and Aditro Logistics. The market for outsourcing of logistics has grown in the past years and is expected to continue to report annual growth of approximately 5–7%.

The year in brief

Speed Group has demonstrated strong sales growth driven by higher demand in both logistics and staffing services. Efforts to broaden the customer base have continued, and the company has satisfyingly signed several new key customer contracts.

Earnings declined as an effect of seasonal fluctuations in individual customer contracts, and have been burdened by start-up costs in conjunction with new customer contracts and investments in a new IT platform.

During the year, the company’s sustainability efforts were recognised with Sakrådet’s 2015 Award for its long-term, structured and strategic collaboration with schools in technology and industry.


Speed Group works to integrate sustainability in the company’s comprehensive strategy and business plan, and actively strives to reduce the company’s environmental impact and work environment-related risks in warehousing and production, which also provides competitive advantages. The company contributes to the local community through its continuous involvement in technology and schools, including through the Navet Science Center.

Development potential

Ratos invested in Speed Group because it is a fast-growing service company with a unique business model and considerable development potential in a structurally growing market niche.

Speed Group’s customer-oriented corporate culture and currently strong market position in the Gothenburg region means a continued development potential to expand organically with existing customers and to increase the market share in south-western Sweden, where expansion in efficient logistics solutions and the need for flexible solutions remains strong.

Focus is also on strengthening and investing in internal processes and efficiency improvements. In all, we have a positive view of the growth potential of the industry and Speed Group’s potential as a competitive supplier.

 (Mainly from Ratos's annual report 2015.)