Share 2016-09-27 17:29 RATOS B 39.81 SEK

Data per share

As of 31 December 2015, the total number of shares in Ratos amounts to 324,970,896 (of which 84,637,060 are A shares, 239,503,836 B shares and 830,000 preference shares) and the number of votes to 108,670,443.6. As per 31 March 2016 the number of outstanding ordinary shares is 319,014,634 and the number of outstanding preference shares is 717,529.

Earnings after tax1), SEK1.
Equity2), SEK3639383943
Dividend per A and B share, SEK3.
Dividend as % of earnings252101141158337
Dividend as % of equity988813
Closing market price, B share, SEK48.8347.0758.1562.5080.75
Market price/equity, %135121153160188
Dividend yield, B share, %
Total return, B share, %9-15-2-17-32
P/E ratio39.914.627.33349.5
Highest/Lowest price paid, B share, SEK65/44.4067.45/43.2170/50.75 93/53.75135.90/69.05
Number of shareholders61,50058,50057,00055,00051,300
Average number of shares, millions319319319319319
Number of shares outstanding, millions320320320319319

Relevant historical figures are recalculated taking the 2011 share split into account (relates to ordinary shares)
1) Per ordinare share, before dilution
2) Equity attributable to owners of the parent with a deduction for outstanding preference capital divided by the number of outstanding ordinary shares at the end of the period. Preference capital per preference share amounted to SEK 1,837.50 which corresponds to the redemption amount after the 2017 Annual General Meeting