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Ratos Talent Award 2015

Ratos Talent Award has been presented for the fourth time. The award was established to increase the focus on talent development in the companies’ management groups. The ability to attract and retain talent in the organisations is a decisive factor for the long-term success of the companies.

Our aim with this initiative is for Ratos to encourage some of the fantastic individual contributions made in the companies, to highlight talents and at the same time contribute to a continued, broader skills development. By initiating the Ratos Talent Award we hope to put talent development high on the agenda in our companies’ management groups.

Ratos Talent Award is presented annually in the form of a personal reward to each winner and a contribution earmarked for skills development in the company in which the prize winner works. The CEO of each company, together with its management group, nominated two employees, one man and one woman, on the basis of the criteria performance and potential.

Three prizes were awarded in 2015 and the proud winners were presented with a diploma by Ratos CEO Susanna Campbell at a prize-giving ceremony during Ratos's Network Day on 17 November. The jury – consisting of Susanna Campbell, Deputy CEO and Investment Director Henrik Blomé from Ratos and Ratos board member Per-Olof Söderberg – received many impressive nominations. The three prize winners are: Eva Heyerdahl, Aibel; Tomas Jonsson, HENT and Olli-Pekka Laakkio, Ledil.

The jury’s motivations were as follows:

Eva Heyerdahl, 43 years old, Senior Manager Business Development at Aibel, has worked at Aibel since 1996:

“With a combination of commercial and technical expertise and strong communicative style, Eva has evolved into a dedicated leader within Aibel. Her ability to stay calm and lead her team in close contact with customers, also in the most challenging environments, has proven her leadership skills and contributed to successfully winning major contracts including the NOK 8 billion contract of Johan Sverdrup in 2015.”

Tomas Jonsson, 41 years old, Head of technical department at HENT, has worked at HENT since 2013:

“With a combination of great understanding for business needs and processes as well as innovative technical solutions, Tomas has had a significant role in developing HENT’s overall technical competitiveness in the market as well as winning important orders. With his highly appreciated leadership skills, solid competence and a great drive in innovation and development, Tomas has become a role model within HENT and an important contributor to the company’s successful growth.”

Olli-Pekka Laakio, 27 years old, Product Manager at Ledil, has worked at Ledil since 2009:

“Based on his creativity and innovative thinking, Olli-Pekka has been instrumental in developing the product portfolio that has been the key factor in Ledil’s successful journey of global growth. Olli-Pekka is one of the world’s most recognized designers of LED-based street light optics and, alongside his courage and drive for continuous development and advancement, he contributed to Ledil winning the prestigious first prize at the Finnish Engineering Awards 2014.”