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Ratos in the Nordic region

The Nordic countries differ in several respects, including corporate structure, sector distribution and business culture. To improve our contact base, we have set up an Advisory Board in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. These consist of people with many years of industry experience. They act as Ratos’s representatives and contribute with knowledge of local business life and with their individual networks.


Four companies: Aibel, ArcusGruppen, HENT and Jøtul 

Team Norway at Ratos

Advisory Board



Three companies: AH Industriesairteam and Oase Outdoors.

Team Denmark at Ratos

Advisory Board



Four companies: LedilGS-HydroNebula and Serena Properties.

Team Finland at Ratos

Advisory Board



Ten companies: Biolin ScientificBisnodeDiabEuromaint, Gudrun Sjödén GroupHL DisplayKVDMobile Climate Control,Speed Group and TFS.

Team Sweden at Ratos:

Advisory Board: