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Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee members are appointed by the Board. As from the Annual General Meeting 2016 Jonas Wiström (chairman), Jan Söderberg and Per-Olof Söderberg are members of the Compensation Committee. Arne Karlsson was a memeber until and through the 2016 Annual General Meeting.

The duties of the Compensation Committee

At Ratos, structured work with remuneration principles has been ongoing for many years. The Compensation Committee has both an advisory function (follow-up and evaluation) and a preparatory function for decision matters prior to their examination and decision by the Ratos Board.

The following matters are handled by the Compensation Committee:

  • The CEO’s terms of employment and terms for employees directly subordinate to the CEO.
  • Advice where required on general policy formulations.
  • Matters of principle concerning pension agreements, severance pay, notice periods, bonus/earnings-related remuneration, fees, benefits, etc.
  • Matters relating to the incentive systems for Ratos and the companies.
  • The Board’s proposal to the Annual General Meeting on guidelines for remuneration to senior executives.

The work of the Compensation Committee in 2015

The Compensation Committee held four minuted meetings in 2015 and in between has been in regular contact. Ratos’s former CEO, Susanna Campbell, took the minutes.

The Compensation Committee works in accordance with an adopted formal work plan. Early in the autumn an examination is carried out to see whether there are any major remuneration-related issues of principle to prepare. If such issues exist they are processed ahead of a final proposal at the ordinary meeting in January. The Compensation Committee also prepares and processes guidelines for the structure of general salary development for the years ahead and conducts an annual review of Ratos’s long-term incentive systems. No later than three weeks before the Annual General Meeting Ratos’s Board submits an account of the results of the Compensation Committee’s evaluation on the company’s website. Read more here